Progress of Shrimp and Prawn Aquaculture in the World(英文版)

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作者: I Chiu Laio(廖一久), Nai-Hsien Chao and Eduardo M. Leanño





This is a book containing monographs to introduce the progressive breakthroughs of shrimp and prawn aquaculture technology with look at the pioneering achievements and historic events. Included are ten overall chapters of regional introduction to describe prawn farming research, one chapter about nutritional requirement of prawns, four chapters on diseases, one chapter about operation, management and business of prawn farming, one chapter about freshwater prawns and finally a chapter to summarize five decades of prawn aquaculture research and development in Taiwan. In addition, there are appendixes to include photos of dorsal and lateral views of important prawns, appearance of wild and pond-cultured grass prawn. Photos of many gourmet cuisines of prawn dishes are collected to entertain our readers.